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Mikayala’s 100WC

It was a cold windy day and the worst day to loose Cheese our dog. “Mum I’m just going out to look for Cheese,” I yelled from the front door with misery. I strolled out calling his name. I walked down the footpath and I knew that the haunted house was coming up. I ran past as fast as lightning but all of a sudden I heard a bark from a bush. I screamed but as the leaves rustled my dog Cheese jumped out! Luckily I caught him. I took him home and tucked him in his warm cosy bed.

I was walking on the street when I saw him. But as the leaves rustled, he ran off into the distance. My cat “Jake”. He had been gone for months. So I kept on walking and I saw him with a cat. She looked like snow and she was fluffy too. Then came out eight, beautiful fluffy, kittens. As they pounced, Jake glared at me, purring, then prowled off with his kittens. I knew he was happy so I let him go. So while I walked home, I saw mum. She had my little sister and a box. I found…

Bethany’s 100 WC

One normal ordinary day I was sitting on the lounge watching TV. I was home by myself. Before my mum left she told me I had to get the washing off the line by 4O’clock otherwise something bad will happen. I checked the clock. It was 5.30pm. I ran outside to ge the washing. It started to get windy but as the leaves rustled a man appeared under the big pear tree. He asked how old I was and where my mum was. He said that he was here for me and my mother. I screamed, ran inside and locked all the doors then called mum. She said she will be home any minute and for me to call the police.

One night, as the moon shone over the beautiful mansion, a little baby girl was born. She was as beautiful as a rose in bloom so she was called Rosey. Rosey grew strong and healthy. To her everything was bright and wonderful. She even thought thorns were a wonder. She would smile and say, “Don’t worry. Your just beautiful in your own way”. She was a very happy toddler but as the leaves rustled Rosey began to find that everything got dark and old. Her parents were not as wonderful as before. The birds didn’t tweet anymore and thorns were just another weed that stabbed you. When Rosey grew up and had children of her own she taught her kids to find wonderful things in everything, even if it gets old and grey.

One dark and cloudy night as the wolves howled, BANG! A shot was fired! A week later, we went camping in the bush. It was a blue moon. Blue moon means it would be a bad night. My brother heard something outside. It was a zombie clown. The one that shot last week in the mountains. Then we realised, it was the big, blue bonkers monster. We all got scared. The leaves rustled. The zombie clown came towards us in the tent. But as the leaves rustled I woke. It was a dream. I was scared!

Paige’s 100 WC

One windy Autumn day, as I was doing my homework, it was so quiet. But as the leaves rustled I just knew it was the right time to go outside and play in the leaves. I was home alone. Suddenly there was a loud tapping noise.  I didn’t know what the loud noise could have been. Then right by my eye was a huge group of elephants in the trees with tap shoes. I said, “What are you doing here?” with a high confident voice. They said, “To help you rake you leaves”. So they started tapping while they raked my leaves.

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