Find out all the info on Years 3 and 4.

I could not believe the smell in my room. It smelt of rotten eggs, fish guts and dog poo. When I smelt my room I ran outside to get some fresh air.

2 hours later…

There I got some fresh air in my body. I’ve got to clean that room but how with that smell.

10 minutes later…

I’ve got an idea. I have to get a peg from somewhere and cleaning material.

One minute later…

I found a peg and cleaning material. It was like a military mission. I did not want to go in that room.


Comments on: "Deakin- 100 Word Challenge- I could not believe the smell" (2)

  1. Wow Deakin. I am very impressed with your use of time connectives. Let’s face it- we would all put off cleaning a smell like that.

  2. Anna (Team 100WC) said:

    This made me laugh! You’ve described your disgust so well with the different time lapses and I love the comparison with a ‘military mission’. What on earth caused that smell, I wonder? Hope you had some rubber gloves!

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