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I could not believe the smell. A skunk let off a stink bomb. It was horrible. I felt like fainting. OK, let me get to the point. I was walking home with my friends and a skunk came out of nowhere and let off a stink bomb. Now I’m going to stink. Now everybody will call me stink girl all the time. I’ll be embarrassed, oh, no.

The next morning… no it’s time for school. No I don’t want to go, the smell has not worn off yet. The teacher will say what’s that horrible stench? You girl, out!



Comments on: "Rhiannon- 100 Word Challenge- I could not believe the smell" (3)

  1. Thank goodness we do not have skunks here in Australia. being stuck with a smell like that would be awful. You have really let us know how you feel about it in your hundred words. Good job.

  2. Hi Rhiannon. I love this story and the way you have written it. You grab attention straight away with your opening lines and then speak to your reader directly to narrate the incident with the skunk. This works very well and you use a little repetition to convey your agitation. This is very good indeed! Mr Mullard Team 100 WC UK

  3. Rang Niamh said:

    Good work Rhiannon! I feel sorry for the poor character in the story! Brilliant vocabulary keep up the great work.

    Maybe you would like to look at our blog?
    From Niamh, Ireland

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