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Josh 100 Word Challenge

One dark night as dogs howled at the full moon, a mysterious shadow came from deep in the woods. It slowly crept towards a huge mansion, gliding on the grass as if it were a snail effortlessly moving across its favourite rock. The shadow came to the old, worn out door. It reached out to a golden door knocker and knocked three times quickly, waited three seconds, then knocked again three times slowly. An eye peered through the small peep hole in the door. It looked the cloaked figure up and down waiting for it to speak. “Trick or treat”


Comments on: "Josh 100 Word Challenge" (2)

  1. Miss Heappey said:

    What a fantastic story Josh! You kept the excitement and tension building right until the very end. Excellent use of punctuation. My favourite part is where you describe a snail effortlessly moving across its favourite rock!
    Keep up the good work!
    Miss Heappey (Team 100WC)

  2. Mr. Fischer said:

    Hi Josh,
    Thanks for sharing your writing. You hooked me at the beginning and didn’t let me down! Terrific entry this week. I love how you have painted such a vivid picture of the “mysterious shadow”. The description of how the shadow moved like a snail was extremely effective in “showing” the reader (not “telling”) exactly how it moved. Great ending too – it was certainly not how I thought it would end!
    Keep up the fantastic writing!
    Mr. Fischer (Team 100; Canada)

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