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Angela 100 Word Challenge

The Painting
I was carrying my paintbrush, paint and a cup of water then I said to myself, “Ok have I got everything? Just double checking. AHK. I forgot my piece of paper,” I groaned. “Well I better go get it so I’ve got it and I wonder what I should paint?” “Ummm………..ummm………..ummm………. oh yes,” I yelled in excitement. “So I’m going to paint a wizard.” So I painted a wizard and it took all day long. After dinner I looked out the window and I saw a shooting star I wished the painting could come alive.


Comments on: "Angela 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Vanessa team 100, France said:

    Well done! This is a completely different approach to the picture you were given as a prompt! I like the idea that you have painted a wizard! You have used speech marks well, although in one place you have included some narrative within the inverted commas which isn’t strictly speech. Also, have a final check through your work next time to make sure all your sentences are correctly punctuated. I liked the ending. If you wrote more, would your painting have come to life? Would it have been a good wizard or an evil one? It could be a very exciting story! Good luck with your next challenge!

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