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Lily A 100 Word Challenge

The dark shadow crept through the trees, up the wonky stairs and entered without knocking. The unknown shape walked slowly through the old abandoned house. The floorboards creaked as the figure wandered through every room. Then he saw another shadow scamper across the wall. The chase was on! Dodging and running, the dark shape put his hand in a pocket. Wham! He pulled out a lightsaber, slicing through furniture. Both shadows ran through the house. Then it all came to an abrupt end. The shadows on the wall stopped still. The shape turned and said “Trick or Treat?”


Comments on: "Lily A 100 Word Challenge" (2)

  1. Mrs McG (Team 100WC) said:

    Hi Lily,

    What a fantastic 100WC. I really enjoyed reading this. The way you have described the shadows and the chase was interesting. I also like how you have used short and long sentences as it makes it more interesting for me to read.

    Keep working hard on your writing. Well done!

    Mrs McG (Team 100WC)
    Derbyshire, England

  2. Mrs Stones (Team 100WC) said:

    Hi Lily,

    Thank you for entering the 100 Word Challenge this week, I enjoyed reading your writing. You’ve written some super descriptions which makes the reader feel they are in the writing themselves.

    Well done!
    Mrs Stones – Bradford, U.K.

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