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Mikayla 100 Word Challenge

One Halloween
It was a stormy afternoon as my friends and I walked home from school. I reminded my friends that it was Halloween and I was having a slumber party. “Do we dress up?” said Stacy. “Yeah it’s meant to be a Halloween slumber party!” I announced. Half an hour later, one-by-one my friends came. “Now that everyone is finally here mum will bring in our blood smoothies and our popcorn while I tell the reaper story.” I said “One Halloween a boy dressed as a reaper. He was going to door to door saying, “Trick or treat.”


Comments on: "Mikayla 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Laurie (Team 100WC) said:

    The party in this 100 word challenge sounds like a lot of fun, Mikayla! I would have loved more detail about what blood smoothies were made out of – it sounds gross, did it taste good? Keep up the excellent work!

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