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Will 100 Word Challenge

The cat shrieked and ran off, dodging all the glass on the road. The cat’s fur glided through the wind and was lifted up, scraped the man’s arm and bolted for the swimming centre. The man got in his red Lamborghini and hooned for the soft grey cat. The man cried with sadness and jumped out of his race car with his bag so the cat dived into the pool making a big splash! The man landed on green broken glass and yelped, “Come home, buddy.” The cat turned, ran to the man and slobbered all over him.



Comments on: "Will 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Mr. Fischer said:

    Thanks for sharing your writing! I LOVE your opening sentence! It hooked me right away and made me want to find out what was happening! I also liked how you started right in the middle of the action (“…dodging all the glass in the road”). I was a little confused about the relationship between the man and the cat at first.
    Keep it up!
    Mr. Fischer (Team 100; Canada)

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