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Alec 100 Word Challenge

Not so long ago, there was a group of boys riding bikes in the street, throwing eggs on people’s houses. As they finished, an evil cat was staring at them and they felt as though they were wet, like they just fell into a swimming pool. As it shivered, they jumped back with fright.  Suddenly it disappeared and popped up behind the boys.  The cat was scaring the boys for months and each time it got scarier and scarier.  It would not appear then the boys were not naughty.  What was it? And why was it doing this?


Comments on: "Alec 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. An interesting response to the prompt this week. I wonder if the cat is like the boys’ conscience? You have used some excellent descriptions in your writing. (just a small point but they would throw eggs ‘at’ houses not ‘on’ houses)
    Well done Jane Team 100WC Barnsley UK

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