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Joshua 100 Word Challenge

“Good evening and welcome to the six o’clock news bulletin. I’m James and with me today is Bob, the head of the International Science Comittee.”

“Thanks, James”

“Now we understand that your team in the Himalayas have discovered something, well, quite extraordinary.”

“Yes, quite unusual, to say the least.  One of our safety officers was having a coffee break when he stumbled across a large humanoid figure about three times the size of you or me.”

“That does sound interesting!”

“Yes. Well as it shivered, they continued to thaw the creature out but are still in the process.”

“Very interesting!”


Comments on: "Joshua 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Great story! I loved that you told it as a news cast, very original idea. I was expecting a weather report not an abominable snoweman sighting!

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