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Lily A 100 Word Challenge

Special ShowcaseOne raining dull day, a dragon shivered in a cold undiscovered land.  It should of been out hunting small fish before it travelled north.  Trying desperately to move, it just couldn’t.  As it trembled with fear, two hunters approached the dragon.  As it shivered, they crept towards the wounded sick creature.  Then BANG! It was all over.  The two hunters dragged the dead dragon’s body out of its cave.  They took it in a white van to get looked at and put in a museum.  Now who knows why that happened to that poor, poor dragon?


Comments on: "Lily A 100 Word Challenge" (2)

  1. Mrs Tucker (100WC Team) said:

    Hi Lily, thanks for entering this week’s 100WC, so far there are just under 1300 entries and still time for more!
    What I like about your writing…
    * You have lots of description in your story to bring it to life for your readers.
    * You have a clear beginning, middle and end to your story.
    What I would love to see next time…
    # To help move your story on, you could use time connectives; then, suddenly, after that, meanwhile. Do you think this idea will help with your writing?
    Have a go!
    Well done and keep writing. 🙂
    Mrs Tucker (100WC Team)
    Wirral, UK.

  2. Jackie Cameron, Librarian said:

    Lily I am extremely impressed with your writing. I see that you are a year 3 student and I think you must just love stories to have such a wonderfully vivid picture in your mind of the poor dragon shivering in his cave, awaiting his death. You have used the prompt better than many other children who are lots older than you.
    Can I suggest that next time you might use ‘should have,’ instead of ‘should of.’
    I look forward to the privilege of sharing more of your writing in the future. Thank you for posting.

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