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Olivia 100WC

He was shocked to find a man from the future. The man said, “Your evilness will soon betray you”. Before he could finish the sentence Lord Nulth got his evil spiders to attack him. He died. Something magical came out of the dead body. It said in a deep voice, “Your soon going to change”. He thought this man was crazy. Before he could blink the ball of magic zapped him. Just then, Lord Nulth turned colourful. The magical ball also zapped everyone that was hypnotised. The magic ball disappeared with a note that floated into Lord Nulth’s hands, “Thank You”.


Comments on: "Olivia 100WC" (1)

  1. Mrs Fairburn (Team 100 WC - England) said:

    Hello Olivia, I like the twist in your story, turning something awful into the opposite. You have used good vocabulary and a range of punctuation which helps create interest. To improve it you could describe what things look like. However an interesting story, well done.

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