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Ben 100 Word Challenge

He was shocked to find a long necked turtle.  The turtle was the last living creature because Lord of Nulth had destroyed all of the others.  To help the turtle save the day he has to find some light.  So the turtle stretched his neck to find a dash of light.  Then he came across another dimension and he found way more than a dash of light. So he zoomed his head into the light and created more animals. Every second a new animal was created. All the light creatures killed the Lord of Nulth and his army.


Comments on: "Ben 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Carole (Team 100) UK said:

    What an interesting entry you have written, Ben. You have really got into the science fiction theme by using the word ‘dimension’. The turtle seems to have ‘super powers’ too. You have been very creative in your ending of the story – well done.

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