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Kade 100 Word Challenge

He was shocked to find a turtle with a machine gun on its back firing poisonous bullets right at him.  They were coming out as fast as a cheetah with a jet pack on its back.  The guards tried to block the flying bullets and closed the bag so the Lord of Nulth wouldn’t get hurt.  But a spying giraffe came out of nowhere.  It was a like a shadow pouncing at you.  The spying giraffe quickly killed the Lord of Nulth and the robot guards vanished into thin air.  Everyone cheered. The darkness had been defeated. Imagination was back!


Comments on: "Kade 100 Word Challenge" (1)

  1. Well done, Kade.
    You have continued the story really well, with some imaginative details. You use descriptive sentences to make the action clear and punctuation is well placed.

    Keep up the good work!

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