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Kade 100 Word Challenge

He was shocked to find a turtle with a machine gun on its back firing poisonous bullets right at him.  They were coming out as fast as a cheetah with a jet pack on its back.  The guards tried to block the flying bullets and closed the bag so the Lord of Nulth wouldn’t get hurt.  But a spying giraffe came out of nowhere.  It was a like a shadow pouncing at you.  The spying giraffe quickly killed the Lord of Nulth and the robot guards vanished into thin air.  Everyone cheered. The darkness had been defeated. Imagination was back!


Ben 100 Word Challenge

He was shocked to find a long necked turtle.  The turtle was the last living creature because Lord of Nulth had destroyed all of the others.  To help the turtle save the day he has to find some light.  So the turtle stretched his neck to find a dash of light.  Then he came across another dimension and he found way more than a dash of light. So he zoomed his head into the light and created more animals. Every second a new animal was created. All the light creatures killed the Lord of Nulth and his army.

He was shocked to find Twinkle the Pegasus! She lived at the Night Zoo before the Lord of Nulth had destroyed it. Twinkle had powers to fly, zap people and other things.  Twinkle said, “I will get you for destroying imagination and all my friends! I guess I could just zap you but I want more competition.”  The Lord of Nulth said, “You won’t win! You’re just a puny little Pegasus.” “Oh no I’m not!” cried Twinkle, “I have powers you know nothing of.” So they fought. And it turned out that imagination won the battle. It always will.

Olivia 100WC

He was shocked to find a man from the future. The man said, “Your evilness will soon betray you”. Before he could finish the sentence Lord Nulth got his evil spiders to attack him. He died. Something magical came out of the dead body. It said in a deep voice, “Your soon going to change”. He thought this man was crazy. Before he could blink the ball of magic zapped him. Just then, Lord Nulth turned colourful. The magical ball also zapped everyone that was hypnotised. The magic ball disappeared with a note that floated into Lord Nulth’s hands, “Thank You”.

Jacinta 100WC

The sound of guns firing, babies crying, soldiers dying. The fear that the end is near. My dad has gone to war I can’t take it anymore. I have nightmares every night listening to the soldiers fight. I am now sixteen and all I can remember is that my dad loved me every year from January to December.

One year when I was a little kid my dad got a job in the army.
10 years later when I was old enough I went to the army and I was there 20 years and I never saw my dad.
So I asked the boss if my dad was still in the army and he said that he left 1 year ago and he went to the hospital so I went to find him and he had a broken arm and a broken leg.
And he remembered the times that he had in the army.

Week 6 Homework

We are still waiting for some home readers and library books to be returned. Please have a good look for them as it will enable the stocktake to be completed.

cover page wk6

T4 week 6 grid

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